Friday, August 15, 2008

Creative Changes

I thought that my kids were pretty un-trainable when it came to chores. When I received my new chore chart in the mail I was still a skeptic. I opened up the child's job chart and wrote their names on the charts. I then explained that they would get a sticker for every chore that they did, and then at the end of the week they would be able to pick out a special prize at the store. Kayla immediately wanted to know what she could do first, so I told her to go and pick up all of her toys. To my surprise she went and did it (James even helped). Thanks to this chore chart I no longer have to fight with Kayla about brushing her hair, and she happily lets me brush her teeth.

The Child's Job Chart Kit comes with 1 Job chart, a whole sheet of reusable rainbow stickers, and a black wipe off crayon. This chart is a simple idea and it makes a huge difference. My kids are actually excited to help (my kids!).

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