Saturday, November 29, 2008

Great Wrapping Ideas- Hallmark

I love seeing the presents under the tree with all the bows and colored paper. Nobody does wrapping paper better than Hallmark. To top it off they now have adhesive wrapping paper. So no more of that tape business, where you are trying to hold the paper down with one hand while trying to get a piece of tape with the other. Adhesive Gift Wrap was introduced earlier this year to rave reviews from consumers who wanted to have a clean, crisp look to their presents, but either did not have the time (or patience) to wrap a present with regular gift wrap. It’s pretty much like using a sticky note — the sticky coating on the paper adheres to the present (without leaving any residue), and there’s no need to fumble around with tape, hold down edges, or any of the usual frustrations that can go into wrapping gifts.

They also have these new bags called Peek Buster Bags. I tried it out and it is hilarious. This year, Hallmark is introducing a new way to “bust” those present-anxious little ones (and big ones too) through the new line of “Peekbuster” gift bags. The bags have a sensory detector that sets off an alarm of funny noises when someone tries to peek at their presents in the bag. The bags range in size, and include noises that sound like car alarms, and even one that features Santa Claus kindly, but firmly, telling the peeker to “step away from the bag.” Other gift bags include cleverly incorporated lights and sounds, accentuating the overall gift presentation.

Another thing that Hallmark is famous for is their Christmas tree decorations. I was lucky enough to receive three of them and I am in love.

"The Unforgettable Leg Lamp"
" must be Italian!" exclaims Ralphie's dad as his "Major Award" arrives in it's mysterious crate. Mrs. Parker looks on dubiously as the unforgettable "leg lamp" emerges from it's straw packing. To her horror, her husband gives it a place of honor in the front window for all the world to see! However, it isn't long before the lamp is broken while Mrs. Parker is watering plants. Was it an accident? No one will ever know, but the saga of the lamp will be discussed and debated in the Parker family for years to come.

"Trimming the Tree"
It's nice to have a helper
when it's time to trim the tree
To top it off with a shibing star
for everyone to see-
Just finding little ways
for little hands to do their part
Is sure to make a memory
In a little someone's heart!

"A Smile Most Unpleasant"
The Grinch slink through Who-ville,
his smile most unpleasant,
His plan, to stop Christmas
by taking each present.
But Who-ville has something
the Grinch cannot steal -
the pure, joyful spirit
that makes Christmas real.

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jenny said...

lag lamp is evey mans dream come true lol