Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I realized that I hadn't written on my blog about my daughter's condition. She has leukemia. More speciafically she has acute lymphoblastic leukemia. One of the most treatable kinds. We just got to my grandma's house last night. We can't go home just yet b/c we had to have new flooring installed and some painting done. So after that is done we can go home.
Kayla is responding very well to the chemo and her leukemia cell counts are down which is a good thing. She is also eating a ton of food. She is on steriods which is another form of cancer killer and it is making her hungry all the time. She craves anything salty and will actually lick the salt off of crakcers. Her favorite snacks are olives, croutons, quesadillas and ranch dressing. They say to give her what she wants so that she can pack on the pounds. Apparently when her chemo gets a little more aggressive she will lose weight and not have much of an appetite.

We also found out that Jimmy has 2 tumors in his chest and we find out today if it is cancerous.
I promise I will update when I find out what he has.