Saturday, November 29, 2008

Disney During the Hoildays!

When it comes to celebrating the magic and sparkle of the holidays, there’s no place like the Disneyland Resort, the Merriest Place on Earth. From November 21 through January 4, the annual Disneyland Resort holiday celebration will be more dazzling than ever.

I am so excited to be going to Disneyland next weekend, Friday Dec. 5th and Saturday Dec. 6th. I am taking Kayla and I can not wait to see her face when she sees Disneyland decked out for the Holidays! My sister is going to be going as well (Jimmy has to work)

To top it all off I am going with my dear friend Amanda, and I get to meet Christine! So everyone if your going to this amazing even next weekend EMAIL ME!! I'd love to meet my fellow mom bloggers and let our kids meet! I am so very excited... OK so Amanda & I are, we haven't told our kids yet LOL.

Guests will enjoy the return of the holiday’s most popular offerings as well as be immersed in new entertainment at both Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure parks.

Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle, first introduced in 2007, will be decorated even more elaborately this holiday season with additional snowdrifts and icicles. After dark, a sensational new holiday lighting and special effects show will carry the magic of the holidays from the Castle all the way to the Christmas Tree in Town Square. And, for the first time in 53 years, the Christmas Tree will be completely artificial, which enables Disneyland to present a holiday light show like no other with more than 62,000 energy-efficient LED lights.

The Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle presentation unfolds throughout the evening in three acts, each of them featuring a touch of winter snow on Main Street, U.S.A. The finale of the show includes the legendary “Believe … in Holiday Magic” fireworks show, which takes guests on a journey of sights and sounds of the season and ends with a touching rendition of “White Christmas” along with a climactic snowfall swirling down on Main Street, U.S.A., “small world mall” and New Orleans Square.

New this year, just in time for the holidays and for the first time in seven years, guests will walk through the iconic home of Sleeping Beauty. A “reawakened” Sleeping Beauty Castle show tells the story of “Sleeping Beauty” in a style reminiscent of the Disneyland Castle walk through of earlier years, but enhanced with 21st-century special effects.

Themed entertainment, sparkling decorations and tasty treats add festive warmth to holiday fun at both Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. Guests can also book guided holiday tours that provide expedited entry into the “it’s a small world” holiday and Haunted Mansion Holiday, VIP seating for the Disneyland “A Christmas Fantasy” parade and entertaining information about the history behind Disneyland holiday traditions. For information and reservations guests can visit Disneyland City Hall or call (714) 781-4400.

Mystic Wonders - Review

Have you ever thought about not having to use laundry soap anymore? Let me introduce you to the Mystic Wonders Laundry Ball. The Wonder Ball™ is a safe pvc/vinyl ball with a frequency enhanced mineral blend inside for use in your washing machine allowing you to use less (to none at all) laundry detergents. With the invention of the Wonder Ball you now have a choice. By using "very little to no" laundry detergents (some people choose none) when washing your clothes with this laundry aid, you can save hundreds of dollars per year. You be the Judge. By making the wise choice to use the wonder ball your family will be thankful for having "less to no" chemicals and fillers, found in detergents, next to their skin. For instance -- baby's washable diapers and pajamas, ladies hand washable lingerie, clothing, bath towels and bed linens. This laundry aid can be a major improvement for persons with tender skin and/or allergies.

They also sell Prill Beads. When Prill beads are placed in a gallon of yucky tap water... in 24 hours, that water is transformed into pristine water that is free of chlorine and most contaminants are neutralized. After 1 hour you can draw off and use 3 quarts, and by adding three quarts of tap water to the remaining quart you can then draw off 3 quarts of pure water every hour for the rest of your life!! Jimmy can't wait to try them out. He is fascinated with the idea of them.

Everyone needs to experience this incredible natural soap, enhanced with Pascalite Clay. A little, goes a long way and stays with you a long time. Great for those with dry skin. Wonder Goat Milk Soap is great as a special gift for babies or anyone, especially yourself. Use it once and notice the difference.

Ayate Cloths are an open woven cloth.
High quality, HAND woven from the Agave (cactus) plant, by Artisans using traditional pre-Columbian methods. n use the 12x12 cloth gently removes dead skin like nothing else you have tried. Results in the first use. Use with your favorite soap or just water. Some even use it dry.The cloth is long lasting, quick drying and better than a loofah. It resists mold and is machine washable. Most people rinse the cloth well after use and hang over towel bar to dry.

An absolute must for those that want to experience relief or just to pamper themselves or loved ones is the JESN massage ball. Roll on bottom of foot or any achy area for instant results. The frequency enhanced mineral blend inside the ball creates a great energy: this energy just makes you feel better. Use on your scalp for uplift, the bottom of your feet or anywhere between. Inside the box you will find 2 helpful charts to help with energy lines.

Wonder Balm is an Old-Fashioned Healing and Soothing Agent for all Skin Conditions and Disorders. This is an Amish formulation made for Mystic Wonders Inc. Wild-crafted and processed by cold infusion. Once you use this incredible balm, you will find yourself wishing you had it years ago, and that you had extra to give to everyone you know who has any kind of skin problem; chronic or temporary. Try it and you will agree; it is darned near a will never want to be without it again.

Our Lip Wonder is so special with the "Shea Butter"! It is a known fact that Shea Butter has natural sun blockers. This is the best you can find, it does not just set on your lips, and it actually goes in where needed. This great product is excellent for use on dry cuticles.

About Mystic Wonders
Mystic Wonders Inc. (MWI) was born 1-01-01. MWI is the result of two small Iowa companies combining their years of knowledge and ability to design, formulate and enhance safe everyday products. With their concern for the environment MWI concentrated on perfecting the laundry ball to the best laundry aid possible that would work through physics and at a price the consumer would appreciate. The cost is only $1.11 per month to use. The Consumer Protection Group of Omaha NE subjected the original MWI formulation to a thorough 3-week testing program in 1998. The results of testing the laundry aid were very positive. “Yes, the laundry ball does treat the water; you still need to pre-treat stains as claimed.” It is the science of tomorrow here today.

Great Wrapping Ideas- Hallmark

I love seeing the presents under the tree with all the bows and colored paper. Nobody does wrapping paper better than Hallmark. To top it off they now have adhesive wrapping paper. So no more of that tape business, where you are trying to hold the paper down with one hand while trying to get a piece of tape with the other. Adhesive Gift Wrap was introduced earlier this year to rave reviews from consumers who wanted to have a clean, crisp look to their presents, but either did not have the time (or patience) to wrap a present with regular gift wrap. It’s pretty much like using a sticky note — the sticky coating on the paper adheres to the present (without leaving any residue), and there’s no need to fumble around with tape, hold down edges, or any of the usual frustrations that can go into wrapping gifts.

They also have these new bags called Peek Buster Bags. I tried it out and it is hilarious. This year, Hallmark is introducing a new way to “bust” those present-anxious little ones (and big ones too) through the new line of “Peekbuster” gift bags. The bags have a sensory detector that sets off an alarm of funny noises when someone tries to peek at their presents in the bag. The bags range in size, and include noises that sound like car alarms, and even one that features Santa Claus kindly, but firmly, telling the peeker to “step away from the bag.” Other gift bags include cleverly incorporated lights and sounds, accentuating the overall gift presentation.

Another thing that Hallmark is famous for is their Christmas tree decorations. I was lucky enough to receive three of them and I am in love.

"The Unforgettable Leg Lamp"
" must be Italian!" exclaims Ralphie's dad as his "Major Award" arrives in it's mysterious crate. Mrs. Parker looks on dubiously as the unforgettable "leg lamp" emerges from it's straw packing. To her horror, her husband gives it a place of honor in the front window for all the world to see! However, it isn't long before the lamp is broken while Mrs. Parker is watering plants. Was it an accident? No one will ever know, but the saga of the lamp will be discussed and debated in the Parker family for years to come.

"Trimming the Tree"
It's nice to have a helper
when it's time to trim the tree
To top it off with a shibing star
for everyone to see-
Just finding little ways
for little hands to do their part
Is sure to make a memory
In a little someone's heart!

"A Smile Most Unpleasant"
The Grinch slink through Who-ville,
his smile most unpleasant,
His plan, to stop Christmas
by taking each present.
But Who-ville has something
the Grinch cannot steal -
the pure, joyful spirit
that makes Christmas real.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Marshall's Megashop

Recently I was given the opportunity to go to Marshall's and check out all of the new fall styles. I was really excited because I like girlie shoes and I like trying them on. When we got there I went to the women's section and tried on a couple pairs of boots but nothing really tickled my fancy. So I made my way over to the kids' shoes because both of the kids needed new boots. Their selection of kids boots was nice and I was pleased with the variety. We ended up getting James and Kayla each a pair of boots.

About Marshalls and the Marshalls Shoe MegaShop

With 5,000 square feet of shoe-lovers heaven, the Marshalls Shoe MegaShop features the top brands and latest styles found in department and specialty stores, but for up to 60 percent less. With a new easy to shop layout featuring a variety of styles and sizes there is a perfect match for any shoe lover.
Marshalls is one of the nation's leading off-price family apparel and home fashion retailers with over 775 stores spanning 42 states and Puerto Rico. Marshalls offers a wide selection of current season, top quality, brand name fashions for the entire family as well as giftware and domestics for the home at prices 20-60% less than department stores, specialty boutiques and catalogs.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I am Thankful Meme

I am thankful for:

Jimmy: He is my everything, my heart, my soul and my best friend.

Kayla: She is so smart and amazes me everyday. I couldn't be more proud to be her mom.

James: My little defiant one. Always pushing my buttons and then comes in for a cuddle. My little mommy's boy. You are my heart.<3

My parents: I love you! You have been unbelievably supportive and loving.

Sheree: My fashion guru, always listens to whatever it is I am complaining about and manages to look interested :)

Kristin: We have been friends for a long time. You a a good mommy and you are really smart. I admire you for finishing your education with one child and another on the way.

All my new online friends, thanks for the words of advice and for being so sweet.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Tag You're It!

Amanda at MommyMandy tagged me

The rules are simple to play......
Here goes, first let me see if I can follow the rules:
Rule #1 ~ Link to the person that tagged you.
Rule #2 ~ Post the rules on your Blog.
Rule #3 ~ Write 6 random things about yourself.
Rule #4 ~ Tag 6 people at the end of your post.
Rule #5 ~ Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their Blog.
Rule #6 ~ Let the tagger know your entry is up.

1. I pick the lint off of socks
2. I am obsessed with snipping my split ends
3. I love pineapple and garlic pizza
4. I talk to my cat like she is a baby
5. I was born in Texas
6. Music can change my mood




Jinxy Knows Best

I can't think of anymore...... :(

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Fine Art of Family

I have always wanted a locket, there is something about them that is classic and beautiful. So when I first came across The Fine Art of Family I was blown away. So many beautiful pieces it was hard to decide which one I desired the most.

I was ecstatic when my Image Case Necklace with Cord came in the mail. This elegant piece is designed to wear with the image side down, close to your heart. Each Sterling Silver image case is crafted in our signature floral pattern. The small charm measures 1” x 11/16” and hangs from a 16-inch black leather cord. The large charm is 1 3/8" x 1" and hangs from a 16-inch black silk cord. Photos easily slide in the top of each image case.

The Fine Art of Family is dedicated to the cherised memories of our family and friends. It's home to a collection of lockets, jewelry and image cases destined to be passed down as part of your family history. This collection is designed by Monica Rich Kosann, a museum and gallery-exhibited fine art photographer who specializes in black and white portraiture of children and families. Monica's inspiration are the flea markets and antique shops where she shops for the vintage lockets, frames, and heirlooms of past generations. We believe all special memories deserve a special place.

I put in a picture that was taken the day I had my son. It is Kayla kissing his newborn head. I wear it proudly and next to my wedding ring it is my favorite piece of jewelry that I own.

Great kid gift - The Spoon Sisters

My daughter is in kindergarten and I am amazed by her everyday. She is learning her letters and even reading words. We have so much fun when we play with our Silicone Letter and Number Trays. The trays have all the letters of the alphabet and numbers 0-9. The trays are FDA approved so they work in freezer, fridge, or oven. I have made ice cubes and jell-o. It can get a little messy and I wish that I would have had more vowels but all in all it was very fun. It is also really funny to see the ice in a cup.

For the little speller in your life I recommend Silicone Letter and Number Ice Trays by the Spoon Sisters. Choose from Letters sold as a set of 3 for $19.95, Numbers sold as a single tray for $9.95, or buy the set of Letters and Numbers for $29.90.

Friday, November 21, 2008

A Gift for You - Amy Kathryn Handbag Giveaway

Who doesn't like purses? I know that I do. I have always had wal-mart purses because I could never afford a nice bag. That is until the day my beautiful bag came in the mail. Amy Kaythryn makes the most beautiful bags that I have ever seen.

After opening an Arizona gallery in 1999, specializing in museum-quality furniture and art, Amy turned her attention to her natural affinity for fine Italian fabrics, particularly in accessories.

In 2005, amykathryn handbags came into being. Celebrities took notice, and the product line took off. Keeping up with demand became a challenge: Luckily Amy Hall was more than up to it!

Amy stands out not only for her incredible designs (which are all animal-friendly), but also because of her altruistic nature: amykathryn designs contributes to several different charities, including The Grammy's MusiCares Foundation and The Diabetes Research Foundation.

I am beyond in love with my Amy Kathryn "Poppy" purse. It is bronze and amethyst with a beautifully printed faux leather. I cannot tell you how many compliments I have gotten on this purse. Can you tell i'm in love?

Would you like to win an Amy Kathryn purse of your choice?
To enter:
Go to Amy Kathryn and let me know which bag you would like to win.

For a second entry:
Add my button

Contest ends Dec. 5th.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tot Talk - Giveaway

In this day and age, it is almost a must to speak more than one language. I believe that the earlier you start teaching your child a new language the easier it will be for them to pick it up. I remember in kindergarten I had a teacher that was from Germany, and she taught us songs, colors and numbers in German. I still to this day remember all of the songs, colors and I can still count to 10. Tot Talk is perfect for beginning the process. Tot Talk enables children to explore the world early, and love it. By exposing children to unique music genres and foreign languages, products stimulate new brain waves, that would otherwise not be used. With more to each culture than the language, viewers, in a playful way, will learn about regional foods, endemic animals, local sports, instruments, landscapes, plants, and much more. Lively puppets, fun music, children, animation, color, still photos and live footage seamlessly grasp the child's curiosity. Child-parent interaction is highly encouraged as products are introduced again and again, making learning even more fun for all and age appropriate.
We have Globe Toddlers Adventures in France. It is narrated by puppets: Cow, mouse, frog, hedgehog and rooster. You learn about food and even how goat cheese is made. My kids were engaged from start to finish. The DVD's don't just come in french though, there is also a Spanish version. (ret $19.99)

Would you like to win a copy of Tot Talk?
The winner can choose from French or Spanish.

Just leave me a comment telling me about your favorite French or Mexican dish.

Contest ends December 1st.

Gift for him - Kena Kai wallet

Identity theft is a very real and scary problem. Kena Kai DataSafe Wallets help protect the public against privacy threats caused by — amazingly — advances in technology. There is a “personal information security threat” associated with the new trend toward radio frequency identification (RFID) embedded devices. While that may sound like a mouthful, basically it refers to all the new passports being issued by the State Department since last year, the new ‘contactless’ credit cards that all the major credit card companies are promoting, and the new generation of driver’s licenses that states are now issuing. Basically all of these new cards/objects have a small wireless chip inside them that holds personal information about the person carrying the object. This might be personal information used to identify the person, or it might be banking information that allows access to accounts.
Tests have shown that thieves with wireless scanning devices can access information from a person’s credit card from twenty-feet away! They were able to obtain; the name of the card holder, the credit card number and the expiration date from twenty-feet away.
DataSafe Wallets and Travel Accessories use multiple layers of RFID shielding for the ultimate protection. Our wallets have been tested and approved by the Government to meet their stricter new FIPS-201 Security Protocols. The line offers men’s and women’s wallets, credit card cases and passport wallets in various sizes and colors.
I got my husband the Kena Kai DataSafe Italian Leather Bi-fold Wallet and it is really nice. I can't wait to see his face when he opens it on Christmas. I have already looked it over and it looks good and smells good. Most of all I wont have to worry about someone trying to see his cards when he has his wallet opened. The line retails between $39 and $199 and is available at .

Mutsy Spider Stroller - Giveaway

One of the biggest purchases that you make when you have a baby is what kind of stroller to get. I remember standing in the stroller area talking about the colors, functionality and quality. I wish that I could have afforded a Mutsy. Mutsy is well regarded for its quality prams and innovative designs. The Spider incorporates a simple and compact fold into a reasonably lightweight pram that is of superb quality. The seat reclines back and the storage area underneath is huge! It has a five point harness and a really comfortable handle that is nice and foamy.

Another great stroller from the Mutsy line is the Slider. Mutsy introduces a totally new mobility concept, the Slider. Compact, low weight and performance with a sophisticated, sporty look. The upper part of the frame (with the seat or bassinet) is detached before folding so the frame folds up into a small and light package. It has nice big wheels that swivel. My personal favorite thing about the Slider is the fact that it has a reversible handle.

The Mutsy line has something for everyone. Whatever your mobility needs are they have a stroller for you. The Mutsy collection offers parents unparalleled flexibility for baby transport and care.
Discount code for 10% off: mgcmu

Would you like to win a Mutsy Spider Stroller?

Just go to this website and tell me about another product that you like.

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Contest Ends December 4.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Katie Newman Gifts for Home

I love the Victorian look with the soft pinks and flowers everywhere. Katie Newman Gifts For Home is a website full of the perfect gifts and trinkets. If I had money to spend I would definitely spend a lot of time on this website. Everything is so beautiful. There are gift baskets, wall decor, jewelery, books and so much more. Every woman will love this site and any gift that comes from it. I received this wall hanging and it was only five dollars! It is beautiful and has the saying "Love doesn't make the world go round, Love is what makes the ride worth while." For beautiful gifts that are reasonably priced visit Katie Newman Gifts and Home.

Stock Stuffer - For Her

Do your pants ride down leaving your thong showing? I know that it has happened to me and it is pretty embarrassing. Thankfully there is the Hip-T. It is a simple idea to a major probelem. The Hip-T is a stretch fabric hip wrap worn over your jeans, and under your shirt. I have to tell you while it does work well I wish that it was a little longer. I found that I had to keep pulling it down and that was irritating. I let my sister try it and she loved it, she loved that she could have that "layered" look without actually layering. I am also not as skinny as the model in the picture so maybe that is why it didn't fit so well. Other than that I love the way that it looks and it definitely helped make sure that my underwear wasn't seen. (ret. $15.95)

Lands End - Giveaway

So are you looking for something to carry all those presents? Look no further than the Lighthouse Wheeled Duffel Bag. This bag is so awesome! There are optional, collapsible interior walls to reinforce the sides and a lower compartment to separate shoes from clothes. While organizational pockets hold boarding passes, itineraries — anything you need at hand.
Also, it does not matter if you are right or left handed because the telescoping ergonomic handle swivels and locks in more natural, comfortable angles.My husband is in love with this bag. He is impressed with the handle but mostly with the amount of space that this bag has.

Would you like to win a Lighthouse Wheeled Duffel Bag?

To Enter:
Leave me a comment about another Lands End product that you like.
*Grab my button
*Twitter about this giveaway
*Blog about it

Contest ends November 28.

Warm Mouse

It gets pretty cold here this time of year and my fingers get really cold as well. So I am really glad that I have my Warm Mouse. The Warm Mouse is an ergonomic, infrared, heated mouse. It emits radiating heat to your hands and fingers and has an on/off switch. WarmMe® Warm Mouse is ergonomically designed to fit in your hand comfortably, minimizing unnecessary pressure on the wrist and forearm muscles. This insures that your wrist is in a neutral position during use. You can move freely while delivering therapeutic heat to relax tight hand and wrist muscles.
WarmMe® Warm Mouse improves circulation in your hand, fingers, thumb and fingertips. As natural infrared rays are gently emitted, reflected and refracted in the soft tissues of your fingers & hands, cellular functioning is enhanced. This amazing process can help to reverse damage done from overworked joints. Infrared rays can actually help to produce better enzymes within the cells of the muscle.
It is nice to turn on the mouse and have it warm up. It is rather soothing actually. The shape is nice and has a really nice fit. If you are somewhere where it gets cold or your hand cramps up after long computer use then you should pick up the Warm Mouse.

5 Things About Me - Meme

Five Things On My To Do List
1. Go do the dishes
2. Finish folding laundry
3. Do more reviews
4. Vaccuum
5. Finish watching "The Real Housewives of Atlanta"

Five Things I Like To Snack On
1. Jr. Mints
2. Lemon Cookies
3. Oranges
4. Tea
5. Cheese

Five Things I Would Do If I Was a Millionaire
1. Buy the house of my dreams
2. Pay off all my parents debt
3. Take a long vacation
4. Buy a nice car
5. Take care of my whole family

Five Places I Have Lived
1. Escondido, Ca
2. Lake Arrowhead, Ca
3. Las Vegas, Nv
4. Hesperia, Ca
5. Murrieta, Ca

Five Jobs I Have Had
1. Mom (absolutely the most important job of my life)
2. Lake Arrowhead Resort
3. Kris Terminates (exterminator)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Carolyn's Kitchen - Giveaway

I love to bake and I love anything pertaining to the 50's, so I instantly fell in love with Carolyn's Kitchen. I didn't have an apron of my own and I was drooling over the huge assortment of apron's on her site.
These sets are also sweet treats for yourself and fun gifts for mothers, sisters, daughters, and brides. Carolyn mixes the domesticity of past decades with the working world of the 21st century woman by creating a business focusing on feminine domestic designs.
Inspired by a gorgeous apron and glove set from Paris, Carolyn began by discovering 1940's patterns and bringing them to life with her modern interpretive designs. "I wanted to bring back the glamour, sexiness, and cuteness of a bygone innocent era. The gloves and fabrics are new and nicer - it's a new and improved version of the '40's."

Would you like to win a Dorthy apron of your own?
To Enter: Go to Carolyn's Kitchen and let me know what other apron or accessory tickles your fancy.

For an extra entry grab my button or blog about this giveaway.
(leave a separate

Contest ends November 22.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Alex and Me - Book Review

I am an animal lover to the core and I have had some incredible bonds with a few animals. It is this reason that I loved Alex and Me. It is about Irene Pepperberg and her parrot Alex, and how she taught him how to communicate. Dr. Irene Pepperberg is a scientist who has made some of the biggest advances in the field of animal cognition. Her star pupil was an African Grey parrot names Alex, for Avian Learning Experiment. Everyone seems to have seen a documentary or article about Alex and his extraordinary communication abilities. he is, quite literally, the most famous parrot in history.
Despite Alex's fame, Dr. Pepperberg has struggled throughout her career to be taken seriously; first because no thought Alex would achieve the ambitious goals that she set out for him and second because she is a woman in a scientific field dominated by men. But they persisted and after years of living hand-to-mouth and moving from one university to another, Dr. Pepperberg and Alex had only recently been recognized for their considerable achievements.
Then last September, tragedy struck. After a normal day in the learning lab, and the nightly exchange with Dr. Pepperberg, "You be good, see you tomorrow, I love you" Alex was found dead in his cage the following morning.
The outpouring of grief over Alex from people who didn't know him, but whose lives he touched nevertheless, has been monumental. And although Dr. Pepperberg has been known for referring to Alex as a colleague and not as a pet, ironically his death made her realize what Alex had known all along. They were mates. They were companions. They were as fully bonded as they come.
Harper Collins $23.95

Books are a great gift!

Let me start off by saying that I love to read. I love all books. Here are some that are festive and fun.

Christmas Sucks What to Do When Fruitcake, Family, and Finding the Perfect Gift Make You Miserable By: Joanna Kimes
These days, Christmas lights adorn front porches before the Thanksgiving turkey is even in the oven. Plane tickets to visit relatives you hardly miss cost more that the suitcase full of presents you have to lug across the country. And radios everywhere play songs about that fat guy in a red suit on an endless loop.
Yes, it's official: Christmas Sucks. Christmas Sucks is a humorous look at America's commercialization of the Christmas holiday season and the terrible travel, inordinate amount of preparation, and family strife that accompany it. You can commiserate with the fact that everyone drives themselves into debt buying gifts, no one enjoys seeing long lost relatives, and everybody is creeped out by the department store Santa. With twelve days of Christmas, there are plenty of reasons why this is far from the most wonderful time of the year.
This book was hilarious and pretty dead on. Joanne is not harping on the actual holiday but how Christmas has become a "Who can get the biggest present" and having to be around family members for the sake of the holiday.

WTF?: How to Survive 101 of Life's Worst F*#!-ing Situations
By: Gregory Bergman and Anthony W. Haddad
Luckily for you, this book fills in the blanks and provides some intentively therapeutic, occasionally offensive, sometimes illegal, always hilarious solutions to when life makes you say "what the f*#!?"
Whether it happens at the office or at home, out on the town or in the bedroom, life's most f*#!-ed up situations ate covered in this entertaining guide. Why turn lemons into lemonade? WTF? spits lemon juice into life's eye - and gives it a good kick in the junk.
This book was pretty funny. With topics like "A really drunk girl hits on you" and "You're too short to be noticed by girls," you will be giggling the whole time. This is a fun read.

Cosmo's Sexiest Beauty Secret
From the Editors of Cosmopolitan
Cosmo knows what qualities make a woman alluring: healthy, glowing skin, lush shiny hair, smoldering eyes and lusty lips ripe for kissing - and that just for starters. You'll find hundreds of easy beauty tips for looking uberseductive inside this essential, visually stunning hot-to guide.
I love Cosmo magazine and I love make-up. This really is the go to guide for products and how-to's. This is the perfect gift for any woman.

Toys Toys Toys - Mattel Giveaway

Are you ready for Christmas? Well here are my favorites from Mattel...

What little girl doesn't like Barbie? My daughter is going to flip when she opens presents on Christmas and sees her 2008 Holiday Barbie. The 2008 Holiday™ Barbie® doll wears a glittery, silvery gown from the movie Barbie™ in a Christmas Carol.

Kayla is into make-up BIG time! She is always asking to have some or even better to put some on me. It is for this reason that the Barbie Candy Glam Styling Station is perfect for her. Building on the hugely popular “candy” trend, girls will be able to look pretty and have fun doing it, as they are able to create their own lip gloss for the first time! Girls can create beautiful hair styles and mix their very own yummy candy flavored lip gloss with the Candy Glam™ Style Station™. Girls can make lip gloss using the easy-to-use lip gloss mixer, four different flavored and scented lip glosses (strawberry, blueberry, grape, vanilla) and loose glitter. Girls can then choose their favorite colors to blend and add sparkle from the glitter wand. By simply attaching any of the three “sweet treat” containers to the mixer, girls spin to create their very own creations. The containers can be used to store the lip gloss or serve as storage for jewelry or accessories. Girls can also style the beautiful candy-scented styling head using the hard candy hair clip and the pretty hairbrush included.

For the animal-lover in your life, give a gift that truly helps our four-legged friends! Children love animals and now they have a chance to play veterinarian with the Barbie™ “Care N’ Cure” Wildlife Doctor set! The adorable and educational role play set includes an endangered species stuffed animal patient (Snow Leopard, Polar Bear or Giant Panda) that kids can nurse back to health using a thermometer, milk bottle, syringe and bandages. A donation will be made to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) towards helping protect endangered species.

Barbie® doll’s Party Cruise provides the most fun and amazing getaway adventure for Barbie® and friends, featuring three separate play areas, a water slide & poolcuzzi™ with dolphin; a rotating buffet with "live" aquarium; and a performance deck with lights & sounds. The five-star cabin is equipped with an "entertainment system," mini fridge, two beds, lots of play pieces and a storage area

For the boys:

James is crazy about Cars. So I know that he will be over the moon when he opens presents on Christmas. The perfect playset for your little’s one stockings are the “CARS” Mini Adventures™ Two-Pack Assortment inspired by the hit Disney/Pixar film featuring kids’ favorite characters in all new scales and proportions. Kids can recreate their favorite scenes or create their own adventures with these pocket-sized playsets and vehicles. These exclusive mini vehicles are available in a variety of themes kids love, including military, fire rescue and police vehicles. The playsets are available in three different themes, all inspired by scenes from the film.

This new version of everyone’s favorite modern-day hero, Walkin’ Talkin’ Lightening McQueen, lets kids play out all their favorite scenes from “CARS” as Lightening McQueen talks, walks, and fuels kids’ imaginations. Walkin’ Talkin’ Lightning McQueen captures the spirit and personality of the “CARS” character and features lights, sounds and phrases.

Hot Wheels® continues to deliver action-packed playsets this holiday season with the introduction of Hot Wheels® Volcano Shoot-Out™, the first playset to combine LED technology with traditional crash and smash vehicle play. The LED lights project different images behind the "volcano" while players launch their Hot Wheels® cars at the images to score points. This innovative technology allows for 360° of play, allowing boys to launch Hot Wheels cars from every angle creating a whole new way for boys to play with Hot Wheels®.

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Cars Walkin' Talkin' Lightening McQueen
HotWheels Volcano Shoot Out

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