Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Potting Shed Creations

Nothing is more satisfying than growing your own plants from a seed. Every day is more exciting as your little sprout gets bigger and bigger. Potting Shed Creations has made it simple and fun to grow your own little plants, herbs, flowers and even trees. Each kit comes with everything that you will need. You get seeds and fertilized soil. Our little christmas tree is sitting on the window sill in our kitchen. Though it will take quite a while to grow, it is very exciting for the kids.

Potting Shed Creations offers a huge variety of plants to grow.
There are "Garden in a pail"

"Garden in a Bag"

"Blooms in a Bag"

"Tree to Be"

"Pocket Gardens"

There is so much on their site that I couldn't possibly list it all. So if you are a gardener like me and you love to grow things then go check out their site. The prices are low and the quality is excellent!

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