Monday, December 8, 2008

Holidays at Disneyland

To help kick of the holiday season at Disneyland, Disney invited 50 mommy bloggers, and their families, to attend a weekend of fun at the Disneyland Hotel and Disney Parks in Anaheim.
I had been excited for weeks but I didn't tell Kayla because I knew that she would ask non stop about when we were going to go.

We waited until Jimmy got home from work so that he could tell her. She seemed excited to go but I don't think that she fully grasped the magic that is Disneyland. We told her that Disneyland is where all the princesses live along with Mickey, Goofy, Minnie and a whole lot more. It only took us an hour and a half to get there. So it wasn't too bad.

We got ready in out motel and then off to the Grand Californian Hotel for some meet and greet with other blogger along with a presentation.
The hors d'oeuvres were sooo good! I chased the guy that had the pizza. It had zucchini on it! They had a face painting station for the kids as well as video games.

The mommy bloggers were called into a separate area while the kids and other adults ate dinner. We saw a slide show about the different foods and treats that could be found around the park. ( I was starving so they all looked incredible!)
Then we got a how-to lesson from the Executive Pastry Chef Jean Marc on how to make a gingerbread house. He made it look easy and it smelled amazing.
We then got a presentation about Photo Pass. Which is really really cool. There are photographers around the park that will take your picture and all that you need to get your picture is a card. You go onto the photo pass website and you can order prints or get your images on a cup, an ornament or even make your own calender!

So after the presentation we got to eat dinner. I had noodles with tomatoes and melted cheese on top. yum!

Then we had escorts that walked us from the hotel to a special viewing area to see the fireworks show. Our escorts was amazing. I asked him every single question that popped into my head and he answered every one. Did you know that the whole park is decorated in one night? It takes 25,000 people to do it. (just something that I learned form Chris)
We still had a little time before the fireworks so we made out way over to Pirates of the Caribbean. It was just as great as I remembered and I was very excited to see Jack Sparrow in there. I hadn't seen it since they changed it.

The fireworks show was amazing. The set the fireworks to music which made it that mush better. Plus the castle changed from purple to pink to blue. It was truly magical.

After the fireworks we were escorted over to It's a Small World. We got fast passes which I am very glad for because that line was very long. Kayla was absolutely mesmorized by it. They sing Jingle Bells and that made her day since that is a song that she is learning in her kindergarten class. The whole ride is decked out in all that is Christmas. They really go all out when they decorate.

So after Small World we decided that we were very tired (it was about 11 Pm) so we made our way back over the Grand Californian to get our car.

The next day was just a whirlwind of rides, food and magical times. I love Disneyland and I was beyond impressed with the decor and how nice everybody was. They were happy to hold our balloon while we were on a ride and they madew our expierience perfect. So if you haven't been to Disneyland during the holidays then I highly reccommend that you go. It is a memory that you will hold with you for the rest of your life. I know I will.


Kristin said...

Awe you look gorgeous with your long hair! Kayla looks pooped. How fun! I miss you guys!

Jamie said...

Pretty much the best Disneyland trip ever!

Pilloroo said...

How lucky - I love Disneyland. You look like you had a lot of fun.

Amanda said...

YAY!! I had so much fun! and I am so glad Kayla enjoyed herself. She does looked pooped in the last picture. just proves she had the time of her life!

Scrap said...

how fun! Love Disney at Christmas, great pics :)