Thursday, August 7, 2008


I live in the Southern California Mountains and wild animals are something I see everyday. Not bears or anything like that (though we do have a big mama bear that gets in our trash almost nightly, and she brings her babies.) But I try to save whatever my cat is trying to eat. I know she must hate me for it, I can see it in her face when she looks at me with her eyes almost completely shut. Like I am not worthy of open eyes. So just now I saw her pounce on something outside and I realized that she was trying to get a chipmunk! They are really very cute. So I ran outside and cautiously walked up to her. See she has been known to look right at me and crunch down on the poor things. She dropped it and it ran and she ran, but the chipmunk was faster. She is now in the house and she is not very happy. That makes 4 that I have saved this year!

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Kristin said...

At least you saved them, but hey she is fast enough to catch one. haha