Monday, August 4, 2008


Mom Spit. ... Inspired by the original! Every time I hear that I laugh! The first time I heard of mom spit I had absolutely no idea what it was. But I kept hearing more and more about it and thought "OK I have to try this stuff out" Last week I received my mom spit and it is amazing! The perfect test subject (Kayla) walked in from playing outside and I asked her to give me her hands. I put a little squirt, about the size of a quarter on her hand, she rubbed them together and her hands were all clean. And they smelled really good too.

A little story behind Mom Spit-

We're betting everyone has had a Mom use spit to clean his or her face or anything else that required polishing in a pinch. After all, a sink sure wasn't in proximity every time someone needed one. –That's the original 'mom spit'. We all thought its inevitable and frequent use was disgusting, and could only smile fondly as history repeated itself when we started using our own spit with our own children or a dirt spot on our patent leather pumps.

Enter MomSpit - inspired by the original. Our MomSpit is made with love in every drop. MomSpit personal care cleansers are premium, user-friendly and infused with fresh and gentle scents. They're pH balanced, biodegradable and contain no human saliva, 'cause that would just be gross.

Please refill or recycle your MomSpit containers.

MomSpit – inspired by the original.

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