Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sikulu and Harambe

Following two lovable characters, Sikulu the spider and Harambe the hippo, as they travel throughout Africa, this first tale is a rich and engaging adaptation of the Parable of the Good Samaritan that illustrates and encourages children's appreciation for kindness and consideration.

In this timeless adventure, Sikulu & Harambe find themselves in the village of Sioma in Zambia where they encounter an old woman in need of help. While the other animals in the village create excuses to avoid helping the woman, Sikulu and Harambe step in and give aid while also helping Sikulu face his fear of water.

Based on a traditional folktale, the story reinforces the beauty of kindness to strangers, while also illustrating the concept that sometimes it is necessary to overcome personal challenges to provide an act of compassion.

"In the African culture, many life lessons and moral values are passed down in the form of folktales. Living in modern America, our children are often devoid of that experience. Through this story, it is my vision that children learn and enjoy the gift of storytelling, all the while learning to move outside their 'comfort zone' and aspire to be good 'neighbors' in the greater sense," declares Author Kunle Oguneye.

The book concludes with a discussion of the moral of the story and a glossary of words, names and places within the narrative and information about Zambia and its culture.

Sikulu & Harambe: By the Zambezi River retails for $14.95, and may be purchased at Sikulu , and at bookstores worldwide

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