Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bob the Builder Big Build Collection

Bob the Builder is HUGE in my house! James is crazy about him. In fact he wants to be Bob the Builder for Halloween. I was so excited when the Big Build Collection came in the mail. He loves the little Scoop toy that came with the DVD's, he even tells it goodnight. If your little one is as big a fan as mine is then he or she is going to love the Bob the Builder Big Build Collection.

When Bob Became a Builder

Join Scrambler and Benny, the newest members of the team and learn about the moment When Bob Became a Builder. From his very first brick to his latest plan. It's the story of Bob from boy to builder.

Bob the Builder gets the job done with help from the entire team, including Wendy, the machines - and even the pets! Although Scoop is so busy helping others that he misses the town's snowman - building contest, the whole town teams up to make him a winner. Dizzy rounds up the crew to finish building Farmer Pickles' barn, and Wendy gives Dizzy and Trix a hand with the bricklaying. Even Pilchard proves to be a team player. Bob and his team work together to get the job done. Now that's a constructive crew!

Scoop's Favorite Adventures

"Scoop Saves the Day"
After a bad storm causes damage, Bob and Scoop clear the road, while Muck and Lofty five Farmer Pickles a hand. After a series of mishaps involving Pilchard, a tree, and baby ducklings, Bob and Scoop save the day by rescuing their friends in the aftermath of the storm.

"Scoop's in Charge"
Scoop is in charge of repairing the mayor's garage while Bob attends an awards ceremony. But the responsibility goes to Scoop's head, and he accidentally runs over Mr. Bentley's watch. Fortunately, the mayor is thrilled with the garage repairs and solves the problem of the broken watch.

"Mr. Ellis's Art Exhibition
After demolishing an old house, Bob hopes to recycle the boards for the renovation of the old museum in time for an upcoming exhibition. the boards turn up missing until Spud exchanges them for some rotten wood that Scoop is carrying - leaving everyone happy and the museum perfectly restored.

"Scoop Has Some Fun"
Scoop is helping Bob erect telegraph poles, but they need help from the team. Unfortuately. Spud persuades Scoop to play tricks on Muck and Lofty, who are on their way to help. Scoop soon discovers that their tricks have backfired and, as a result, created more work for everyone.

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