Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Le Top

When you are choosing clothes for your child do you go by looks or comfort? Well no need to choose now, Le Top has both. Their styles are incredibly cute and the fabrics are so soft.
Twinkle like the Stars!
Sophistication and style are the hallmarks of our 'Twinkle' collection - the perfect choice for any social occasion in the life of your little star. Romantic antique rose velvet and blush satin, embellished with delicate hand crystal beading and velvet ribbon details, are topped off by snuggle soft faux fur jackets and hats that stand out in the crowd. A collection designed to let her shine in the spotlight!

Choo-Choo Chic!
Casey Jones was never as stylish as these little engineers! Charcoal soft-wash canvas with twill tape details pairs up with wide heathered knit stripes in blues and greys to create railway fashion! Caution! Railroad crossing ahead! In his imagination he can ride the rails all day with comfort and panache. Woo-Woo!

Catch Some Z-Z-Z's!
Z'nuggle up in cozy comfort while the little zebra z'nores away! Comfy olive green and blue velour stripes pair up with solid velours and soft knits to create a comfortable wardrobe for your little zoologist. The overall set with little zebra toes will tickle his fancy - with the reward of a precious giggle for you. As tempting as a carrot for a zebra!

As visions of Sugar Plums danced in her head...
Fulfill the fantasies of your little ballerina with a special dress to dream and dance through the holidays. Soft stretch velour with rhinestone candies tops off the taffeta and multi-layer tulle skirt. The tulle is embellished with rhinestones so she can twirl and sparkle to her heart's content. le top's rhinestone tights finish off this special look -– but who needs an occasion? Every day is extraordinary with your little princess!

So for the latest in children's fashion make sure that you visit Le Top. It will become your one stop shop for all of your children's clothing needs!

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