Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sports Bra

It is often very hard for me to find bras that fit and have good support. I recently went on e-bay looking for a sports bra. After looking for a while I came across a bra that was described as "Full support back closure sport bra." I have to admit that I was skeptical of ordering a bra off of the internet. My bra came yesterday and I am in love! This sports bra blows away any sports bra I have ever owned. I used to have to wear three bras to the gym but now I only have to wear this one.

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kris said...

The company I work for makes sports bras and I can tell you that bras for the larger sizes usually are better with a back closure. Make sure the fabric is wicking (aka has moisture management properties or technical). Cotton is rotten in these cases. Flip the bra to see the inside and what is really going to support or not support you. Also make sure the seams are flat and won't stick out and chafe you. Lots of other things to focus on but that is enough for now. Happy Fitness!