Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My kids

I have two children, a girl names Kayla who is 4 and a boy named James who is 3. I had Kayla when I was 19 and James when I was 21. Kayla is my handful, she is a climber and very independent. She loves to color, and has to have her baby doll sleep with her every night. James is my little mama's boy, while he does love boy things he will also take a step back and observe before he tries something. They both definitely keep me on my toes, as they are forever trying to run out the front door.
The next big thing that will be happening in our life is that Kayla will be going to Kindergarten. She is so very excited for it and I know that she is ready to learn and grow.

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~Gabby Chick~ said...

you have beautiful kids, chickie! we'll get through this blog thing together!! lol