Thursday, July 24, 2008

On her own terms

Something that I have realized about cats is that they do stuff on their own terms. You can sit there and make a squeaky voice calling "kitty kitty kitty," they might give you a sideways glance. Or you might get to see a slit of color when they look at you with annoyance.
I have a female cat or "queen" (the technical term) her name is Roo and she is 3 years old. This cat is a killing machine, she has killed chipmunks, lizards, mice, rats and even a gray squirrel (I saw the remains.) It's been great because we no longer have a mouse problem in the house. Mice are a huge problem where I live!
Recently she has warmed up and softened up. When we are outside she is often only a few feet away from the kids. We lovingly refer to her as the babysitter when we see her doing this. For some strange reason she has taken to my husband. He is a big old construction worker, who is loud and rough. But when she sees him walking up she flops on the ground and waits for him to give her scratchies.
But she will only do this on her own terms because once she has had enough she jumps up and bolts. It is very sweet to see the relationship she has with each family member. I love my Roo Roo.

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~Gabby Chick~ said...

awww i find the female cat/human male thing halarious. we have that in this house, too. it just cracks me up!