Monday, July 28, 2008

Stewart Brown

I am highly interested in organic here is one of my favorite organic women's clothing stores.

With all the talk of organic baby goods where do moms actually play a part in this? can we find decent clothing that is not only fashionable but earth friendly? Yes we sure can! Stewart Brown has actually created a whole line just around organic fabrics and boy have they done a fabulous job! They offer so many wonderful organic clothing options like tops and tees,dresses and skirts, and even a whole line of woven's and specialty clothing. And who would have thought that organic clothing could be so cute? Not me I thought they all just came with huge "save the earth" logos. That's not horrible but who can actually wear those out everyday and look fabulous.

This Kisser Fish tee is another one of my favorites. Since the key to hiding any extra weight moms (buy a longer shirt it makes you look slimmer) I actually think these tees are great for any mom, super comfortable, long and fashionable. There are many other styles to pick from. Besides this collection Stewart Brown also offers a great variety in graphic tops and even bags!

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