Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bath Luve'

Giving baby her first bath is something you will always remember. You will remember how much the baby screamed and how fast the water cooled down. I really wish that I would have had a Bath Luve' when my kids were babies.
Introducing the Bath Luve'! All you do is submerge the Bath Luve' into the nice warm water and drape it over your infant. The natural design completely covers baby's torso and stays put to keep them feeling warm and secure.
The Story:
When Amy Sekinger's son Austin was born 10 years ago, she looked for something to make bath time a little more pleasant. "Before I put Austin in the tub, he was all warm, swathed and cuddly" she says. But that calmness soon turned to frustration and crying once the clothes were off and only Austin's back was placed in the warm water.
Thinking that bath time would go more smoothly if there wasn't such a drastic temperature change, the Delafield resident designed a cloth covering that would cover her son's chest and private parts. The idea, dubbed the Bath Luve', has gone from a mother's practical solution to the mass market retail world.

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