Thursday, September 4, 2008

Maisy the Mouse

Maisy is a colorful, lovable mouse with a nose for adventure. She is very much like a human toddler, with a few mouse like attributes such as her ears, tail, and whiskers. But she has hands and feet, not paws! She also has animal friends and toys who share her world, including Cyril the squirrel, Tallulah the chick, Charley the crocodile, Eddie the elephant, and her favorite Panda toy. Maisy´s adventures are an entertaining approach to guiding children through life´s funny, frustrating, and fantastic moments.
The story lines are a safe guide to the everyday experiences that are very new for toddlers, such as making friends, riding tricycles, going swimming, playing in the garden, and "reading" books. Maisy introduces basic concepts such as colors, numbers, sorting, and matching, while never losing her sense of play.

The Maisy books are very high quality and extremely fun to read, the pictures pop out and the pop up feature is so fun.

"Happy Birthday Maisy"

"Maisy's ABC's"

"Maisy at the farm"

"Maisy at the Playground"

And my favorite, a huge pop up playhouse

So go over to and get some of these wonderful books for your little one. I promise you will love them and your child will love to read them over and over.

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