Friday, September 26, 2008


Like I have said before, I am all about comfort when it comes to clothes. This is why I love Stellarocco™. Not only are they comfortable but they are super cute. All of the shirts are botanically themed. Inspired by the fusion of nature and art, designer/owner Dina Paulos matches original designs with specific color, style and placement, to create arsty, yet versatile favorites that can be dressed up or down. Subtle metallics, brights and tonal prints transform the shirt canvas into a collection of wearable art. Stellarocco™ modern independent designs have appeared in magazines, on national TV and celebrities. The tops are currently available in select boutiques worldwide.
I have the shirt called "Poppies." I love the color and the design on the front. It is a lightweight sheer jersey so it is great for wearing out or around the house. If you are looking to make a statement go on over to Stellarocco™ and check it out.

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Sarah said...

Those shirts are cute. Are they fairly long? I'm tall and I like to wear my tops a little bit longer.


Oh and I love your blog!