Friday, September 5, 2008


DaBib is the newest and best innovation in baby bibs. With its "scrunch collar"* and flexible, functional design, this "baby" is a must-have for your baby. Let's face it, feeding your little Prince or Princess can be a royal mess. But when it comes to catching every drip, drop and dribble, regular bibs fall short - literally! DaBib's "scrunch collar"* minimizes leakage of liquids and solid foods onto the baby's clothing, reducing stains and the hassle of frequent changing. With both the super absorbent micro fiber terry face and the waterproof backing, DaBib's innovative design doesn't just raise the neckline, it raises the bar, providing the ultimate in coverage, comfort, durability and versatility, for infants through toddlers.

This is no ordinary bib, it is soft, pretty and most of all comfortable on your little ones neck. It keeps the food off of your child's clothes and keeps the mess on the bib. It also has a really cool food catcher at the bottom, so no more food in the lap. Go over to DaBib and check it out. I will definitely be giving this as a gift at future baby showers!

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