Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stocking Stuffer

Products under the Hello Kitty name have continuously established themselves in popularity and mass appeal among young girls. Trust me I know. I grew up loving Hello Kitty and all of the Sanrio Gang!
The Hello Kitty Digital MP3 Player with 3 Changing Face Plates ($39.95, ages 7 to 14) by Sakar is just another fabulous product that young girls will love!
Weighing less than an ounce, this 1GB, battery operated (1 AAA battery) flash mp3 player includes 3 Change Face Plates, earphones, an instruction manual, USB cable and Music Express Software. The minimum software requirements are Windows 2000, XP or Vista (sorry Mac users) and the hardware stats are Pentium II 300MHZ, 128 RAM Recommended, a sound card and 250MB Free Hard Disk Space.

Putting music on the Hello Kitty MP3 player is actually a straight forward and easy process. The included Music Express software allows one to scan for all music on a computer, or strip music from a CD and convert it into WMA, WAV or MP3 (it does not pTRU1-4982511regplay or convert the AAC format which is Apple Computer’s format used to play music on an iPod). There’s also a drag and drop feature that enables music to be copied over to the mp3 player within seconds! Another cool feature of this software is having the ability to set-up, create and manage play lists too! The sound is great and you can compare it to that of an iPod Shuffle.

For the boys there is also this great Star Wars Digital Camera. It has great quality for a child, and even comes with different face plates. It's great for any Star Wars fan, or for any picture lover in your family. The included photo editing software also allows your tech-geeking kid to superimpose his head onto various Star Wars characters, create trading cards, and generally goof around on your laptop.Obviously the creators of this product know their audience.

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