Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Christmas Toy

Jim Henson is the best puppeteer that ever lived. So it is no surprise that "The Christmas Toy" is just as good as all the rest.
It's Christmas Eve in the Jones' household and all the toys in the playroom magically come alive, anticipating the arrival of new toys. But they must be very careful. If anyone finds them "alive" they will be frozen forever! Balthazar, the wise old bear, gives his annual Yuletide speech imparting the importance of opening their hearts to the newcomers, but Rugby the tiger will have none of it. Having been a Christmas gift the year before, it has been all about him and he has no interest in losing his position as favorite toy. Despite the danger, Rugby sets out to join the presents under the tree downstairs to become Toy #1 all over again. During the harrowing adventure Rugby accidentally lets Meteora, Queen of the Asteroids, loose. Apple the doll, Mew the cat toy adn the other toys rally together to return Meteora to her rightful package and help Rugby safely get back to the playroom before all are found and frozen,
This glimpse into the secret lives of toys shows young viewers that love, friendship and helping others are the most important gifts of all.

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