Monday, November 10, 2008

For the tea drinkers

My grandma is from England and my mom was born there, so it is pretty safe to assume that I love tea. I will admit that I am a tea snob and not all teas are created equally. I hadn't tried many flavored teas but I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the assortment from Blue Raven Tea. My mom and I had a tea tasting and if was pretty fun.
We tried Flavors like:
St. Tropez : Black Tea, peaches, mangos, apples, oranges and guava
Athens: Black Tea, pistachios, cumin, almond pieces, coriander, peppercorns and flavoring
Rio: Blood orange fruit blend
Morning Meadow: Green tea, apples, jasmine
Mango /Yogurt: Papaya cubes, hibiscus, currants, pineapple flakes, black currants, blueberries, coconut chips, elderberries, strawberry leaves, yoghurt granules and sunflower petals
And my personal favorite....
Obsidian Spice: Black tea, citrus peels, cinnamon and ginger bits, and vanilla

Now I know that some of these combinations sound weird but I promise that they are really good! If you are unsure about buying a lot of one flavor then you can purchase a sampler pack. This way you can try out a few kinds and find out which ones you really like. So for the tea drinker in your life (or as a present to yourself) visit Blue Raven Tea. They promise "You'll come back for another cup."

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