Sunday, November 16, 2008

Royal Tart

I know that Thanksgiving and Christmas seem so much more special when there are cups, plates and decor to decorate with. Royal Tart takes all the guess work out. They make up these packages that include everything a hostess needs to celebrate in royal style including invitations, decorations, suggested menu, recipes & celebration tips, table top, party favors and some pre-packaged specialty foods.
No matter whether your party is a sumptuous feast, bridal shower or a first birthday Royal Tart uses multiple vendors, suppliers and manufacturers as well as creating handmade finishing touches such as the celebration banners, favors and some invitations themselves. Their handmade products take countless hours to design and create.

How it works: You pick the style that best fits the kind of get together that you are having and pick the pieces that you want. So say I wanted to "Chelsea Place" design for my party, that whole package would include:
12 x Handcrafted Invitations
1 x Chocolate Brown Silk Look Table Runner
8 x Chocolate Brown Cloth Napkins
8 x Metallic Brown & White Tea Plates
8 x Florentine Blue Teacups & Saucers
1 x Florentine Blue Teapot
1 x Metallic Brown & White Serving Plate
1 x Brown & Blue Marbleized Glass Vase
1 x Package Party Picks (48)
8 x Paper Pyramid Favor Boxes with embellishments
2 x Handmade Paper Tag Banners
1 x Suggested Menu, Recipes & Celebration Tips

It really could not be any easier! And the designs that you can choose from are all to die for. So if you are planning a get together, consider Royal Tart. they take all the guess work out and your guests will be amazed at how good everything looks.


Royal Tart said...

Thank you Sandra. I appreciate the review.
Royal Tart

Kristin said...

These look yummy! Thanks for the great review!