Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mystic Wonders - Review

Have you ever thought about not having to use laundry soap anymore? Let me introduce you to the Mystic Wonders Laundry Ball. The Wonder Ball™ is a safe pvc/vinyl ball with a frequency enhanced mineral blend inside for use in your washing machine allowing you to use less (to none at all) laundry detergents. With the invention of the Wonder Ball you now have a choice. By using "very little to no" laundry detergents (some people choose none) when washing your clothes with this laundry aid, you can save hundreds of dollars per year. You be the Judge. By making the wise choice to use the wonder ball your family will be thankful for having "less to no" chemicals and fillers, found in detergents, next to their skin. For instance -- baby's washable diapers and pajamas, ladies hand washable lingerie, clothing, bath towels and bed linens. This laundry aid can be a major improvement for persons with tender skin and/or allergies.

They also sell Prill Beads. When Prill beads are placed in a gallon of yucky tap water... in 24 hours, that water is transformed into pristine water that is free of chlorine and most contaminants are neutralized. After 1 hour you can draw off and use 3 quarts, and by adding three quarts of tap water to the remaining quart you can then draw off 3 quarts of pure water every hour for the rest of your life!! Jimmy can't wait to try them out. He is fascinated with the idea of them.

Everyone needs to experience this incredible natural soap, enhanced with Pascalite Clay. A little, goes a long way and stays with you a long time. Great for those with dry skin. Wonder Goat Milk Soap is great as a special gift for babies or anyone, especially yourself. Use it once and notice the difference.

Ayate Cloths are an open woven cloth.
High quality, HAND woven from the Agave (cactus) plant, by Artisans using traditional pre-Columbian methods. n use the 12x12 cloth gently removes dead skin like nothing else you have tried. Results in the first use. Use with your favorite soap or just water. Some even use it dry.The cloth is long lasting, quick drying and better than a loofah. It resists mold and is machine washable. Most people rinse the cloth well after use and hang over towel bar to dry.

An absolute must for those that want to experience relief or just to pamper themselves or loved ones is the JESN massage ball. Roll on bottom of foot or any achy area for instant results. The frequency enhanced mineral blend inside the ball creates a great energy: this energy just makes you feel better. Use on your scalp for uplift, the bottom of your feet or anywhere between. Inside the box you will find 2 helpful charts to help with energy lines.

Wonder Balm is an Old-Fashioned Healing and Soothing Agent for all Skin Conditions and Disorders. This is an Amish formulation made for Mystic Wonders Inc. Wild-crafted and processed by cold infusion. Once you use this incredible balm, you will find yourself wishing you had it years ago, and that you had extra to give to everyone you know who has any kind of skin problem; chronic or temporary. Try it and you will agree; it is darned near a will never want to be without it again.

Our Lip Wonder is so special with the "Shea Butter"! It is a known fact that Shea Butter has natural sun blockers. This is the best you can find, it does not just set on your lips, and it actually goes in where needed. This great product is excellent for use on dry cuticles.

About Mystic Wonders
Mystic Wonders Inc. (MWI) was born 1-01-01. MWI is the result of two small Iowa companies combining their years of knowledge and ability to design, formulate and enhance safe everyday products. With their concern for the environment MWI concentrated on perfecting the laundry ball to the best laundry aid possible that would work through physics and at a price the consumer would appreciate. The cost is only $1.11 per month to use. The Consumer Protection Group of Omaha NE subjected the original MWI formulation to a thorough 3-week testing program in 1998. The results of testing the laundry aid were very positive. “Yes, the laundry ball does treat the water; you still need to pre-treat stains as claimed.” It is the science of tomorrow here today.

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