Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Warm Mouse

It gets pretty cold here this time of year and my fingers get really cold as well. So I am really glad that I have my Warm Mouse. The Warm Mouse is an ergonomic, infrared, heated mouse. It emits radiating heat to your hands and fingers and has an on/off switch. WarmMe® Warm Mouse is ergonomically designed to fit in your hand comfortably, minimizing unnecessary pressure on the wrist and forearm muscles. This insures that your wrist is in a neutral position during use. You can move freely while delivering therapeutic heat to relax tight hand and wrist muscles.
WarmMe® Warm Mouse improves circulation in your hand, fingers, thumb and fingertips. As natural infrared rays are gently emitted, reflected and refracted in the soft tissues of your fingers & hands, cellular functioning is enhanced. This amazing process can help to reverse damage done from overworked joints. Infrared rays can actually help to produce better enzymes within the cells of the muscle.
It is nice to turn on the mouse and have it warm up. It is rather soothing actually. The shape is nice and has a really nice fit. If you are somewhere where it gets cold or your hand cramps up after long computer use then you should pick up the Warm Mouse.

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