Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stock Stuffer - For Her

Do your pants ride down leaving your thong showing? I know that it has happened to me and it is pretty embarrassing. Thankfully there is the Hip-T. It is a simple idea to a major probelem. The Hip-T is a stretch fabric hip wrap worn over your jeans, and under your shirt. I have to tell you while it does work well I wish that it was a little longer. I found that I had to keep pulling it down and that was irritating. I let my sister try it and she loved it, she loved that she could have that "layered" look without actually layering. I am also not as skinny as the model in the picture so maybe that is why it didn't fit so well. Other than that I love the way that it looks and it definitely helped make sure that my underwear wasn't seen. (ret. $15.95)